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QDpack (Quantum Dynamics Package) is a free open-source software package (LGPL), implemented in C, for calculating the time-evolution of quantum systems. QDpack includes solvers for both unitary and dissipative dynamics, which can be applied to arbitrary quantum systems as long the total numbers of states is moderate (~100 to 300, depending on the stiffness of the problem). QDpack is a low-level C library. In order to solve a particular problem a C program needs to be created. A good starting point is one of the many examples that are included in the distribution tarball. It is often sufficient to create a new definition of a Hamiltonian to get started with a new calculation.

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Build and install instructions for Ubuntu Linux


To get started get started using the QD package have a look at this example, as well as the examples that are included in the source code distribution. Also, the QDpack source code is partially documented using Doxygen, which automatically generates API reference pages that can be found in the source code distribution.

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